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Student festival 'Inclusion'

We are pleased to announce that, with the arrival of spring, Culminations at the Ogrody Campus returns. Already on 18 April, there will be another edition of the Student Culture Festival, which this year will be held under the motto "INKLUZJE". You are more than welcome to mark this date in your calendars The link to the event is available at: https://fb.me/e/13paX4nZe.

We also encourage you to take part in the MEME COMPETITION and the FILM ETIUDE COMPETITION.

Programme of the event:

18 April 2022

12:00 Opening of the SCF - Collegium im. Florian Znaniecki

  • Burning piano
  • Special guest - Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching, Prof. Joanna Wójcik, PhD
  • Opening of Polina Vasylchuk's exhibition, 'Oni nigdy nie wrócą' (eng. "They will never come Back)
  • Premiere of the music video for the song "Mewa", a version for people with hearing disabilities - Words: Polina Vasylchuk, music: Andrii Merkhel
  • Presentation of awards in competitions - Film Etudes: Vice-Rector Prof. Zbyszko Melosik, Prof. Agnieszka Gromkowska-Melosik, Prof. Jacek Zydrowicz; Mem: Vice-Deans: Prof. Lucyna Bakiera, Dr Mariusz Szynkie

13:00 "Poesis ballet" performance - Sheherazade Kondratowicz

13:30-16:30 Chess tournament (hall of building E - Florian Znaniecki College)

15:00 Lecture by Dr Wiesław Małecki: "Philosophy of chess" (Orig. Filozofia szachów)

16:30 Announcement of the tournament winner and presentation of prizes Prof. Agnieszka Cybal-Michalska and Dr Mariusz Szynkiewicz

16:40 Yoga and stretching workshop - Sheherazade Kondratowicz and Amanda Kondratowicz

18:30 Performance by the Dygresja Theatre (Hall D)

19 April 2023

9:30-11.00 City game (Faculty of Educational Studies, Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science) - Magdalena Biela-Cywka

I Workshop block: 11:00-13:00

  • At the threshold of adventure (Orig. U progu przygody) - introduction to role-playing games and creating your first hero - Patrycja Hoderna, Weronika Domańska (Faculty of Educational Studies students)
  • Winning with stage fright or how to speak in front of people (Orig. Wygrać z tremą, czyli jak mówić przed ludźmi) - Anna Zielińska (Faculty of Educational Studies student)

II Workshop block: 13:00-15:00

  • Improvisation (Orig. Improwizacja) - what to do when an improvisation deviates from our vision - Monika Chybowska and Julia Sikorska (WAiK students)
  • Self-care - Magdalena Kałuża (Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science student)
  • What (you) hear (Orig. Co [was] słychać?) - Maja Majewska and Mateusz Procyszyn (Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science and Faculty of Educational Studies students)

III Workshop block: 15:00-17:00

  • Sign language workshop - Kornelia Stefańska, Klaudia Kopeć (Faculty of Educational Studies students)
  • Guide to problem-solving and project preparation - Jakub Dakowski (Faculty of Educational Studies student)

Please note: Workshops are held in Polish!

More information about the event is available here.