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Vienna post mortem Exhibition

AMU Centre for Austrian Culture and Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw invites you to the exhibition: "Vienna post mortem".

As they say: "If Death were a man, he would certainly be a Viennese".

Viennese Thanatology - is a study of curiosities related to the specific approach of the Viennese to death, mourning rites, cemeteries, burials. When you delve deeper into this matter, you get the impression that there was, and still is, a kind of cult of death.

The Viennese loved funerals - if a funeral is to be talked about for a long time, if a gravestone is to be the biggest and most expensive one you can afford, if a mourning is to be classy and in the best style. Death in the Viennese view is the beauty of cemeteries and the sophistication of gravestones, a whole labyrinth of underground crypts and catacombs. The exhibition presents a unique and fascinating, although not very popular, side of the Austrian capital.

Layout and photographs ©: Joanna Pypłacz, PhD

Content-related editing: Katarzyna Starzycka

Graphic design: Ewa Valde-Nowak

Exhibition can be seen in the AMU Centre for Austrian Culture, Zwierzyniecka 7, Poznań

Open until November 30, 2021

Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm

Admission free!

Groups of more than 5 people please contact us by phone in advance: +48 61 829 2424

Organized by: Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw, Centre for Austrian Culture - Austrian Library in Poznań