Additional Insurance

In case you are not covered by compulsory health insurance, you have to sign an individual insurance agreement either with the National Health Fund or with a private insurance company/medical service provider. It should be stressed though that the NFZ option is the most beneficial as it covers all state-funded medical services and any related hospital treatment.

However, only certain groups of foreigners can sign the voluntary NFZ agreement and these are among others:

  • European Union, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland nationals,
  • third-country nationals who have: visa for the purpose of work (D-6 visa), temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit, EU long-term residence permit,
  • students and doctoral candidates.

This means that foreigners who have a visa for the purpose of conducting scientific research (D-13) cannot sign the voluntary NFZ agreement so they have to buy insurance at a private insurance provider.

In the case of NFZ, the payment (for the last quarter of 2020) amounts to PLN 483 monthly. The rate may change each quarter as it is related to the average salary in Poland.

Students and doctoral students pay a lower amount of PLN 55.80 monthly. The contributions should be paid up to the 15th day each month to a given bank account.

Note: when signing the contract, NFZ will check your previous insurance period in Poland and/or other EU countries. In case of a gap between the previous insurance and the planned NFZ insurance, which lasted at least 3 months, you will have to pay an initial fee whose amount depends on the length of this gap. This means that the fee has to be paid in case of foreigners who come to Poland for the first time from third countries.

Students, incl. doctoral students are exempted from the fee.

Evidence of insurance, which can be useful in some circumstances (e.g. when visiting a doctor), is a copy of the signed agreement between you and the NFZ together with the proof of payment of the last month’s contribution.