Geoecological Station in Storkowo

The Geoenvironmental Station in Storkowo was established on September 1, 1981. It is located in the building of an old watermill on the Parsęta River in a beautiful hilly and forested landscape of the Drawsko Lake District. It fulfils both scientific and didactic functions, creating good working conditions for a dozen of people.

At the beginning of its existence, the main goal of the Geoecological Station in Storkowo was to study the contemporary morphogenetic system of young glacial moraine areas. Using fixed measurement installations, studies were carried out on soil erosion and leaching processes as well as river erosion, transport and sedimentation.

Currently, the research profile of the station has been extended by ecological issues. As one of the so-called Base Stations of the state integrated monitoring of natural environment, it carries out a programme of long-term measurements of ecosystem changes under the influence of atmospheric pollution, climate change and land use.

The aim of this research is to detect the interdependencies between particular elements of natural environment and the processes of degradation of ecosystems and early warning about the potential threats of ecological disasters.

The station in Storkowo has a meteorological station as well as laboratories and workshops. Modern equipment enables both occasional and continuous topographic, meteorological and hydrological measurements, sampling of water, sediment and biological material and laboratory analyses of their physicochemical properties as well as computer processing of the obtained results.

Storkowo hosts scientific internships of domestic and foreign guests, student practices, PhD and MA theses, individual and team research programs, as well as scientific conferences.