Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences

Collegium Geographicum and Collegium Geologicum are located next to the Morasko Meteorite Reserve where lumps of iron were found and are treated as evidence of the largest European iron meteorite shower.

Teaching and research cover both terrestrial geography and the environmental impact of human agency.

The depth of research is reflected in the structure of Faculty: Institute of Geoecology and Geoinformation – is an interdisciplinary team of researchers studying the evolution and dynamics of the geographical environment in the Quaternary.

The scientific activity of the staff engage primarily in:

  • reconstructions, on the basis of deposits and landforms, of the state and transformations of the geographical environment in the Quaternary, and
  • studies of the structure and dynamics of present-day geoecosystems as a basis for a reconstruction of their past and a forecast of their change

Apart from this, studies have been carried out for years in the polar and subpolar zones of the northern and southern hemispheres (Spitsbergen, the South Shetlands).


  • Institute of Physical Geography and Environmental Planning
    • Department of Meteorology and Climatology
    • Department of Cartography and Geomatics
    • Department of Hydrology and Water Management
    • Hydrometry Research Unit
    • Landscape Ecology Research Unit
    • Environmental Remote Sensing and Soil Science Research Unit
    • Cartographic and Geodetic Environmental Research Laboratory
  • Institute of Geoecology and Geoinformation
    • Department of Geoinformation
    • Department of Geomorphology
    • Anthropocene Research Unit
    • Cryosphere Research Unit
    • Biogeochemistry Research Unit
    • Climate Change Ecology Research Unit
    • Applied Geoinformatics Research Unit
    • Isotope Research Unit
    • Environmental Monitoring Research Unit
    • Laboratory of Geography Didactics and Educational Research
    • Field Station in Czołpino
  • Institute of Geology
    • Department of Dynamic Geology and Applied Petrography
    • Faculty Laboratory of Scanning Microscopy and Microanalysis
    • Department of Palaeoenvironmental Research
    • Geohazards Research Unit
    • Hydrogeology and Water Protection Research Unit
    • Geoengineering and Sedimentology Research Unit
    • Depositional Systems Research Unit
    • Environmental Palaeobiology Research Unit
    • Mineralogical Research Laboratory
  • Chair of Tourism and Recreation