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Admissions 2023: essential information

The enrolment for the AMU degree programmes is fast approaching. So it is time to summarise some of the most significant points.

What does the admission process looks like?

  • Since the Pandemic, recruitment at AMU has been an online process. It is possible thanks to the Online Admission System. The OAS is a very intuitive panel that prompts users for their next steps.
    Please note: enrolment is a multi-stage process, and you must complete the individual steps on time.

From when to when can I enrol?

  • You can start registering with the Online Admission System from 1 June.
  • The last day to register your account, enrol in your major/specialisation and pay your enrolment fee is 11 July.
  • 11 July is also the last day to submit documents obtained abroad for recruitment.

Detailed information is available here.

How does the Online Admission System work?

  • The entire recruitment process is conducted online via the Online Admissions System (OAS). It is where you will create your applicant account when recruitment opens.
    With your candidate account, you will be permitted to select your major (sometimes enrolment is by specialisation), pay your application fee and enter your baccalaureate results. Through the OAS, you will also receive information on university qualifications.
  • The complete instructions on how to use the Online Admission System can be found in the following tutorial (the video is in the Polish language version. English subtitles are available).

Where can I find the list of majors to choose from?

How much does the tuition fee amount to?

  • Currently, tuition fees range from PLN 1,000 per semester to PLN 4,000 per semester, depending on the chosen major. You can find an entire list of tuition fees here.

How much does the enrolment fee cost?

  • The enrolment fee is PLN 85 per course.

Does the university have its dormitory facilities?

Our University offers up to 6 student residences located in different parts of the city. You can find detailed information about our accommodation base here.

Do you have more questions? Would you like to know more about our University and the study offers?

For matters concerning studies, acceptance of documents, and examinations, please contact the admissions commissions. Accurate address details (phone numbers, emails, addresses) can be found in our Study Catalogue.

For other issues, please contact our Student Relation Section

  • ul. H. Wieniawskiego 1
    61-712 Poznań
    pokój nr 25 oraz 27, parter
    tel. +48 61 829 4375
    tel. +48 61 829 4059

or our AMU Welcome Centre

* Student Relations staff on-call

  • Due to the ongoing recruitment process, we are pleased to inform you that on 3-7 July, 10-14 July and 17-21 July this year, the staff of the Student Relations Section will be additionally on duty by phone at 61 829 4366 or 61 829 4376.
  • Equally, on Saturday: 8, 15 and 22 July, there will be an additional telephone duty from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. at 61 829 4366.