Bilateral Agreements and Exchange Programs



If you wish to study at AMU as an exchange student, you must be enrolled at a higher education institution.

You can choose your courses from the Course Offer for Exchange Students

  • Exchanges students come to AMU through an institutional exchange agreement: an international exchange programme (e.g. Erasmus) and other bilateral agreements.
  • All exchange students are offered AMU-PIE courses during their studies at AMU.
  • We would advise you to contact your own educational institution to find out about the possibilities of studying at AMU as an exchange student.


Bilateral exchange

Bilateral exchange is based on bilateral cooperation agreements between AMU and foreign higher education institutions. These agreements enable the exchange of students and staff. EU, UK & USA: Paweł Sowa, ----------------------------------------------- non-EU: Kostiantyn Mazur,

  • 338 bilateral agreements
  • 110 partner universities in EU
  • 228 partner universities in non-EU countries










  • Step 1: register on-line

    In order to apply on-line, please visit: and follow the instructions provided. While registering in the system, please indicate the type of exchange you are applying for.

  • Step 2: submit your application and documents online

    All the documents and the application (available for registered users) should be uploaded online via

  • Step 3: pre-admission decision (ONLY for free-movers and free-based students)

    The decision of pre-acceptance is issued upon submitting all required documents online. Pre-acceptance letter will include bank transfer details that the tuition fee should be transferred to.

  • Step 4: make payment of the tuition (ONLY for free-movers and free-based students)

    The tuition fee should be transferred to AMU bank account indicated in the pre-acceptance letter and the proof of payment should be sent to International Office. Emails addresses will be included in the preacceptance letter.

  • Step 5: provide nomination letter
    If you are an exchange student on the basis of a bilateral agreement or any other agreement or fund, please provide the International Office with this document via e-mail.
  • Step 6: admission decision

    The final decision of admission is issued after sending proof of payment to the International Office via email (in case of free-movers and fee-based students). The decision of admission is issued within 14 working days after receiving the proof of payment.

  • Step 7: provide your course selection

    Upon receiving your admission letter, please contact the International Ofiice in order to provide them with the names of the AMU-PIE courses you chose to study at AMU together with a written consent of your home University. Your home University should agree for the selection of AMU-PIE courses you made and set the minimum number of ECTS points.

  • Step 8: upload your photo for student ID

    After receiving the admission decision, your application online will be acceptance and you will then have a chance to upload a photo for students ID.