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  • Border Guards - what to expect?

    Check the Border Guards presentation

  • Where can I find accommodation?

    Each year Poznań attracts approximately 110,000 students. Finding a place to stay is easiest online or through an agency.

    Students wishing to get a room with one of the university dormitories need to fill in the accommodation request which is available once the admission request has been processed.

    University offers accommodation on a first-come, first-served basis in the following student dormitories:

    • Zbyszko i Jagienka Student Halls, ul.Piątkowska 80 (tram stop: Słowiańska, half-way between downtown and Morasko Campus)
    • Babilon Student Hall, ul Dożynkowa 9B (tram stop Słowiańska)
    • Jowita Student Hall, Zwierzyniecka 7 (5 min. Walk from the main railway station, Poznań Główny)
    • Hanka Student Hall, Al. Niepodległości 26 (2 bus stops from the main railway station, Poznań Główny)
    • Resident and Student Hall - Nieszawska Street, ul. Nieszawska 3 (15 minute tram ride from downtown, eastern suburb of Poznań)

    Other options include AMU dormitory in Gniezno (40 min. by train) or renting a private room from one of cooperating venues (Polonez Student Depot, Sofa Room4you). There are also plenty of private owners offering student rooms and student apartments online (FB marketplace; FB groups:  Foreigners in Poznan, Rooms in Poznań, OLX, and many others).

    Please, contact Welcome Centre employees for other options.

  • How to find information about public transport?

    It's easy! Go to, switch to English in settings and you will find all the information you need.

  • Where and how can I buy transport card?

    The PEKA card allows you to move around Poznan by trams and buses.

    Exchange and degree seeking students at AMU may incorporate their weekly/monthly/semester ticket on their AMU ID.

    The card is available at: ZTM Poznan Customer Service Points or through an online form.

    You will be notified (via e-mail) when the card is ready to pick up at the selected Customer Service Point.

    Follow these YouTube tutorials about PEKA Card:

    1. Introduction
    2. How to get the card?
    3. Season tickets
    4. E-wallet on your PEKA

    Locations of Poznan Transport Authority Customer Service Points

    Hours of operation


    Dworzec Zachodni (entrance from ul. Głogowska)



    Bus Terminal – Górczyn (dworzec autobusowy)



    Ogrody Transit Station (last tram stop)



    Rataje roundabout Bus Terminal (rondo Rataje - dworzec autobusowy)



    Śródka roundabout – Bus Terminal (rondo Śródka - dworzec autobusowy)



    Kaponiera roundabout – main transit point (rondo Kaponiera (underground passage) RECOMMENDED!



    Kupiec Poznański – shopping center at pl. Wiosny Ludów (entrance from ul. Strzelecka)



    Os. Jana III Sobieskiego – Bus Terminal and last tram stop (Sobieskiego dworzec autobusowy)



    Dębiec Transit Station (last tram stop)



    Junikowo Transit Station (last tram stop)


  • How do I use my AMU student ID as a PEKA card for local public transport?

    Once you get your AMU student ID you may decide to also use it to for public transport tickets in the Poznan metropolitan area.  Bus and tram card readers will then see your Student ID as a PEKA card.  In order to start the process, you need to activate your student ID in the PEKA system by:

    1. EITHER:   going to any of the Transport Authority Customer Service Points (ZTM);  you will find a list of in-person service points in the section:  How and where can I get a transport card? OR by
    2. Completing an online form .

    You don’t need to upload a photo, just follow instructions on the screen, make sure you first check the box:  “I am a foreigner”, then choose “ELS ID”.

  • How to get a Polish mobile phone with internet?

    You can visit any mobile operators store to purchase a sim card or buy a SIM card in a newspaper stand.

    You can find them in any large shopping center, such as:  Posnania, Avenida, Stary Browar, Pestka and others.

    To get connected on-the-go, you can choose between prepaid and full contract options. Note that with the full contract plan, you will have to commit and pay montly fees for a minimum of one year to the service provider. You will need Polish residence card for that.

    Prepaid cards do not require an annual contract, just an occasional recharge, depending on your needs.

    These are the main providers of mobile network in Poland: T-Mobile, Orange Polska, Play, and Plus.

    Heyah, Simplus, and Sami are also popular options for prepaid connection services. Calls made within the same service provider's network are cheaper, and even free of charge in some cases. On the other hand, calls made from one service provider to another are more expensive. In general, rates vary from one service provider to another.

  • How to get a temporary residence permit?

    You should apply for a temporary residence permit if you wish to stay in Poland for a period exceeding 3 months and your primary purpose of stay is undertaking or continuation of full-time studies:

    • in the higher education institution approved by the Minister of Interior, unless this institution is not subject to mandatory approval,
    • or in the higher education institution, which is not subject to mandatory approval  for which no decision on the prohibition of accept the foreigners was issued,

    provided that the circumstances justify your residence at the territory of the Republic of Poland for the period exceeding 3 months.

    You should apply for a residence permit in person before your current legal status expires (i.e. before your visa or residence card expires).

    If you apply to extend your stay in Poland before the expiry date of your legal status, you can legally remain in Poland while your application is pending. Make sure you have submitted an error-free application. Your passport must be valid at this time.

  • How to get Health Insurance?

    Documents confirming having health insurance:

    • Insurance agreement with the National Health Fund (NFZ)

    Provide the original of the insurance agreement for inspection, along with current confirmation of payment of monthly contributions (from the day of the conclusion of the agreement until the day you receive your decision for residence permit).

    Contributions for each calendar month are paid by the 15th day of the next month for the previous month.

    • Foreign insurance policy

    Health insurance policies concluded in languages other than Polish should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator. The originals of both  - the health insurance agreement and the certified translation should be presented for inspection.

    • Private insurance policy

    Such insurance policy must cover the costs of medical care in Poland (medical assistance and hospital care). Accident insurance does not constitute proof of insurance covering the costs of medical treatment in Poland. Note that the policy must be valid on the day the decision on granting a residence permit is issued.

    If you pay by instalments, make sure to submit proof of payment (original for inspection).

  • How to get a PESEL number?
    • Find out more following this link
    • you need to go to a branch of City Hall at ul. Libelta 16/20.

    You need to prepare:

    You can submit the application In person or by a Proxy acting on your behalf.

  • How to open a bank account?

    You will need the following documents to open an international student bank account

    • Your passport, with the relevant student visa,
    • Another photo ID - often a driver's license or your student card will suffice,
    • Proof of residence and residential address,
    • AMU Letter of Admission from USOS system or a written confirmation of your student status from your designated administrative officer at your particular Faculty’s Main Office („zaświadczenie o studiowaniu”)

    In Poland, most major international debit and credit cards are accepted.  Make sure however, that your home bank does not charge you extra fees for using your card abroad.

    It’s best to compare offers from several banks regarding card fees, account maintenance, etc.

    You can choose between the largest banks in Poland (PKO Bank Polski, Bank Pekao SA, Santander Bank Polski, ING Bank Śląski, mBank) and some foreign banks (BNP Paribas, Millenium);  for more information check out an article about Top Banks in Poland

    You may also explore the Revolut app which is a banking alternative, and offers ATM withdrawals, online payments and secure currency exchange using real exchange rates (without any hidden fees banks usually charge).

  • How do I rent a bike / electric car / scooter?

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  • I was tested positive for COVID - what next?

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