The University Library in Poznań conducts scientific and publishing activity bringing about the „Library” yearbook and scientific monographies as well as being the copublisher of „Comic notebooks” journal. The Library Staff carry out a wide range of tasks related with educational, popularising an IT activity. As part of their duties they host and participate in Poland-wide and international conferences, seminars, workshops, and other scientific and popularising events, win and implement grants both independently and in cooperation with other AMU units.

Being an institution of public interest, the University Library conducts a culture-forming activity participating in the University promotion and vigorously engaging in the community artistic and intellectual life. The University Library Gallery, an exposition space established in 2015, can be a great example of the latter.

The Library takes active part in the local public life cooperating  with different institutions and entities, participates not only in local and regional projects (such as Scientific Library Fundation of Poznań, WBC, Society of Friends of Science ofthe city of Poznań), Poland-wide projects ( for instance Polish Librarians Association, NUKAT, and participation in the project: „National Libraries Functionning Analisis) but also in International ones (like Consortium of European Research Libraries, Association of Masonic Museums and Libraries Archieves – EMMLA, or cooperation with the University Library in Uppsala regarding research on Poznań Jesuits’ books collection).

The University Library in Poznań is definitely a friendly and non-exclusive place, as proven by gaining the first price in IDOL Competition in 2019 organised by „Opportunities for the Blind” Foundation.