Guest library accounts - general rules

If you are staying at AMU for a short time, as a free-mover, guest researcher or a visiting student, in the frame of a  project, grant, internship, bilateral exchange, etc., you can still use AMU libraries.

Here are some general rules:

§ Your library enrollment is based on the recommendation of the promoter, supervisor/grant manager from AMU or a certificate from a hosting faculty

§ You can borrow books on deposit loan - discretionary, minimum 50 PLN

§ You can borrow books on the basis of a recommendation (the decision is discretionary)

§ You have your own library account

§ You have access to databases

§ You can borrow books for the duration of a project, internship, stay, etc.

§ Number of books you can borrow: 5 volumes (hosting faculty library) + 5 volumes (University library)

With a guest card 48h you can use the AMU libraries in the reading room within 48h from creating your guest account. The 48h card can be issued once every 6 months.

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