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Being one of the main libraries in the country and an unquestionable leader in Wielkopolska Region, the University Library in Poznań can pride itself on an extraordinary collection of books.Visit the site


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    AMU Library is home to more than five million volumes and other objects, collected over the years.

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Faculty libraries

The AMU Collegium Geographicum Library provides services both for Geography and Geology Science Faculty as well as for Socio-Economic Geography and Land Management Faculty workers and students. The library holds a wide variety of scientific and educational publications to suit the Faculties’ needs. The contemporary collection consists of more than 126 265 volumes including 1181 journal titles both printed and electronical. The library gathers not only academic manuals (scripts) but also specialized literature in: physical geography, geology, social-economic geography, spatial management, tourism and recreation, environment protection, as well as cartography and geodesy. The collection is available on an open access basis. The library also disposes of a wide range of different scale topography and thematic(theme) maps. The maps are at the users’ disposal both in a digital and analog versions. The interior of the Library reading room can accommodate 67 users and is equipped with 15 computer stations. Due to the library Staff best efforts the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, and the users can rely on the Staff expertise and help in using the library rich collection.


Address: Bogumił Krygowski St. No 10, 61-680 Poznań

Collegium Historicum Library is home to a unique collection of Polish and foreign books and journals in the fields of archeology, ethnology and cultural anthropology, history, history of arts, musicology and Eastern Studies. The library also holds collections of old prints, musical prints, cartographic and iconographic documents, as well as audiovisual materials. Most of the library holdings are available on an open access basis. The collection relating to the history of arts is located in the Collegium Novum building, at Niepodległości Av. 4. Other facilities accessible for users are: a reading room with a capacity of 100 seatings, individual and collective work rooms, and a room with musical items. All the above mentioned spaces are fully adapted for people with disabilities.


Address: Uniwersyt Poznański St. No 7, 61-614 Poznań

The Modern Languages Library is home to publications corresponding with the scientific disciplines lectured at the Faculty allowing an easy access to the AMU library and IT systems. It specializes in gathering documents and materials in linguistics, literature, as well as history and culture of language regions of interest to the Faculty. The library collection includes 460 000 volumes of books and journals written in over 100  world languages, available on an open access basis.


Address:  Niepodległości Ave. No 4, 61-874 Poznań

As Cicero once said: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” AMU Ogrody Campus Library offers both together with a vibrant academic life. The library collection consists of almost 180 thousand books and 317 journal titles, both Polish and foreign. We hold literature in German, English, French, and Russian in the following areas of study: cultural studies, philosophy, ethics, pedagogy, psychology, religion, social sciences, and career counselling. The Ogrody Campus library is there for you-Dear Readers!

Marcus Tullius Cicero, quote from the correspondence


Address: Szamarzewskiego St. No89, building C, 60-568 Poznań

The Faculty of Biology Library situated on the ground floor of Collegium Biologicum edifice holds a collection of 70 000 books and journals in broadly defined biology, including anthropology, ecology, zoology, cytology, physiology and botany. The holdings are available to valid library card holders on an open access basis, pursuant to the Regulations(published on the library home page). The library disposes of 63 places in its reading room and is equipped with 10 computer stations with Internet connection, making the catalogues and collections widely accessible.


Address: Uniwersytet Poznański St. No. 6, 661-614 Poznań

The Faculty of Chemistry Library is a modern scientific information centre, being both a manual rental for students and specialized literature in chemistry and other related areas of study warehouse at the same time. The library collection is available online and on paper. The library offers its users plenty of facilities including a reading room that can accomodate 110 people using the resourses on paper and a well equipped computer reading room with free access to scanners.  On the library premises there is also a wireless Internet connection. Registered users can easily access chemical data base such as: CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS available on SciFinder platform, REAXYS, CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC STRUCTURES (Webcsd), Scopus and Web of Science to name just a few.


Address:  Uniwersyt Poznański St. No. 8, 61-614 Poznań

The Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology Library users have access to a specialized collection of 248 volumes from the scope of broadly defined humanities, with special emphasis on Polish philology, classical and Slavic philology, as well as theatre and film studies. The Library systematically enriched collection also includes work titles in linguistics, cultural studies, philosophy, Gender Studies, judaics, arts, media and folk studies. One can find hundreds of dictionaries, encyclopedias and manuals. We especially take pride in owning a unique work of art containing the Polish literature canon translation into English as well as an impressive collection of Slavic and classical volumes in the original version.


Address: Fredry St. No. 10, 61-701 Poznań

The Faculty of Physics Library is home to more than 30 000 scientific volumes. The thematic scope of the Library collection includes publications in physics, IT, chemistry, biology, acoustics and hearing aid treatment, nanotechnology, optometry, biophysics, and astronomy. The library holds over 200 scientific journal titles availible both online and in printed version to be used on site in the library reading room.


Address: Uniwersytet Poznański St. No. 2, 61-614 Poznań

The Library rental and reading room, with a capacity of over 100 places as well as individual computer stations with scanners, provides a reference collection of more than 43 000 books and over 200 journal titles, most of them in the areas of study related to mathematics and computer science and related areas of study (i.e. physics ).

The entire book collection is available through an online catalogue on an open access basis, and its library layout is based on the Mathematics Subject Classification (MCS) compiled by the American Mathematics Association.


Address: Uniwersytet Poznański St. No. 4, 61-614 Poznań

The Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism  Library is one of 18  libraries of the AMU library and IT system. It gathers and gives access to academic manuals and specialized literature in political science, history, security and legal sciences, sociology, psychology, philosophy, journalism, social communication, and management both in printed and online version. The library also provides encyclopedias, dictionaries, lexicons, and publications in English ensuring an effective educational process. As one of 800 libraries worldwide the Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism  Library is affiliated with the FamilySearch genealogical data base. The Library highly qualified Staff provides services on an outstanding competence level, the users can also enjoy the library facilities, such as individual work cabins, scanners, computers with a free Internet access. The Library has been adapted to serve special users (disabled people). The Library resources are available for students, Phd students, university staff and the others in possession of valid library cards.



Address: Uniwersyt Poznański St. No. 5, 61-614 Poznań

The Faculty of Law and Administration hybrid Library is a blend of in a location and fully digital library enabling a multifaceted and parallel access to online and printed informative materials. It gathers, compiles, stores, protects and gives access to publications from all the branches of Polish law as well as foreign-language books necessary to conduct scientific research and educate students of all  Law and Administration degree courses. The library also holds a selection of publications in the following areas: history, economy, political sciences, philosophy, sociology, psychology, medicine and forensic psychiatry. In addition to that, the Library holdings include a rich collection of general and domain encyclopedias as well as language and encyclopedic dictionaries. We do our best to provide our users with a highly professional service promoting intellectual growth and creativity, facilitating access to information resources by cooperating with the courts in Poznań, teaching the effective use of information resources as well as offering research assistance. Our mission is also to promote a positive image of the library as a vibrant community space.



Address: Św. Marcin St. No. 90/13, 61-809 Poznań


Address: Wieżowa St. No. 2/4, 61-111 Poznań

The Library constitutes a scientific facility for educational programmes and research carried out by the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Viadrina European University in Frankfurt-on-Oder at Collegium Pollonicum.

We specialize in gathering materials on Polish-German issues as well as literature in such fields as: law, Polish and German philology, history, political science, spatial management, and digital studies. We share approximately 130 000 journal titles in print, access to the Academica interlibrary digital books rental as well as the Viadrina University digital books collection. The Library is open not only to partner universities’ students and scientific workers but to everyone interested in our resources.


Address: Kościuszki St. No. 1, 69-100 Słubice

The AMU branch Library (the former European Committee Library) was established in 2001 sharing its 50 000 volumes collection on an open access basis with the students and workers of the European Culture Institute. Other users are entitled to use the resources only on site.

The library holds a variety of materials in social communication, culture, language and literature studies, media studies, history, history of arts, sociology, philosophy, religious studies, and cultural tourism. The Library resources are available on an open access basis, with the exception of all works published until 1945 as well as private deposits, only to be viewed in the presence of a librarian.


Address: Kostrzewskiego St. No. 5-7, 62-200 Gniezno

The library holdings refer to the scientific areas of the Institute’s interest. The library is home to 6 000 volumes and selected specialized journals. The electronically secured collections are available on an open access basis. The Library offers a computer room equipped with 13 computer stations with the Internet connection, enabling access to the Library electronical catalogue, 4 individual work rooms as well as 2 teamwork rooms.


Address: Kołobrzeska St. No. 15, 64-920 Piła

The Faculty of Pedagogy and Fine Arts Library in Kalisz is a part of the AMU library and IT system. Among the Library holdings there are publications in pedagogy, psychology, sociology, fine arts, music, bibliology, information science as well as Polish and English linguistics, and literary studies. Apart from that the Library offers facilities fully adapted for people with disabilities, such as listening cabins, individual work rooms, a teamwork space and even a special room for working with children. Readers can also use computers with a free Internet connection. As we live in an increasingly digitized world, the Library diversifies its activity to provide such electronic services as: an online catalogue, a website, access to electronic resources, remote books and other materials ordering and extending the terms of returns, remote payment of fees, electronic notifications about return deadlines, and remote registration.


Address: Nowy Świat St. No. 28-30; 62-800 Kalisz

The AMU Foreign Languages Teaching Centre Library focuses on gathering language teaching materials and aids used during  the University language courses. The Library collection includes publications and materials in English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and Latin. The library offers general and domain foreign language manuals and course books as well as grammar books, dictionaries as well as methods and reading publishers. The Library has also at its disposal English, German, Russian, French and Spanish language journal titles and special collections.


Address:  Grunwaldzka St. No.  6, 60-780 Poznań

The Austrian Culture Centre – Austrian Library has been operating since 1990 as an extra-departmental AMU unit, being at the same time part of the Austrian Library network outside Austria, subject to the Austrian Ministry of European and International Affairs. The library aims at promoting the Austrian language and culture through cultural, educational, scientific and publishing activity serving both the academic community and the citizens as well as region inhabitants. The library cultural activity includes: literary soirées, exhibitions, lectures, theatre spectacles, books presentations and reviews whereas as part of  its scientific activity the Facility organizes scientific conferences and publishes the Austrian Reading Collection series. When it comes to its educational mission, the Library in cooperation with  German teachers organizes language courses, workshops for school youth from Poznań and the whole Voivodship. The Library and Media library do not only share their rich resources with students but  also stay open to general public.


Address: Zwierzyniecka St. No. 7, 60-813 Poznań