School of Natural Sciences

The School of Natural Sciences has been established to provide scientific and educational activity as well as to train academic staff.

The school of Natural Sciences consists of:

  • Faculty of Biology– biological sciences
  • Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences – Earth and Environmental Sciences

The School’s main goals and objectives:

  • preparing the School’s scientific activity development strategy and supervising the right and effective performance of scientific activity within different academic disciplines;
  • assessing and performing the School’s preliminary material and financial schedule;
  • providing opinions on draft resolutions submitted to a debate of the Senate
  • developing guidelines for the discipline’s Scientific Council concerning the evaluation criteria for periodic assessment of academic teachers;
  • employment policy-making in the School.

The School of Natural Sciences is run by the Vice-Rector prof. dr hab. Przemysław Wojtaszek and its collegial body, The School of Natural Sciences Council coordinates the educational activities .