Transfer conditions for Ukrainian and Polish students who crossed the border after Feb. 24.

Citizens of Ukraine and Poland who have been students of a Ukrainian university on February 24, 2022 and are interested in continuing their studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań (AMU) can apply for transfer to AMU.

The decision to transfer is made by the Vice-dean for Student Affairs of the faculty which offers the chosen field of study. You may be required to make up the differences in study programs. The Vice-dean responsible for student affairs may order the verification of the achieved learning outcomes.

The application for admission to AMU (including: the name of the field of study, year of study, level of studies, name of the home university and student’s contact details) as part of transfer is sent to the Vice-Dean responsible for Student Affairs of a given faculty and the following documents should be attached:

  • a document confirming the current status of the student with a card of periodic achievements, presenting the subjects completed so far at the home university along with their translation into Polish by a sworn translator registered in the list of translators of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland
  • in the absence of the document referred to in point 1 - a declaration of having the status of a student of a specific year of study in a given field and level of studies at a Ukrainian university,
  • a photocopy of the passport with confirmation of legal entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland not earlier than February 24, 2022.

To transfer you must have finished your first year of study! Transferring can only be done between years of study. It is not possible during a semester.

Detailed information is provided by the Student Affairs Section:

ul. H. Wieniawskiego 1
61-712 Poznań
Room no. 25 and 27, ground floor
Phone number: +48 61 829 4375
+48 61 829 4059


Application for admission Existing
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