Summer Schools organised with the support of the Uniwersytet Jutra II - zintegrowany program rozwoju Uniwersytetu Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu POWR.03.05.00-00-Z303/18

Uniwersytet Jutra II - zintegrowany program rozwoju Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu
is a project aimed at modernising the educational offer of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań and adapting it to the requirements of the labour market, the amended Law on Higher Education and Science, as well as enabling teaching in line with the latest scientific achievements.

This aim is being achieved, among other things, by supporting IT tools in university management, adapting current ICT solutions, and information management to improve the quality of educational processes, implementing organisational, structural, and process changes enhancing the qualifications of teaching, administrative and management staff establishing and implementing high-quality doctoral programmes crucial for the economy and society, supporting the country's innovation and ensuring the transferability/commercialisation of the results of doctoral studies.

The programme's responsibilities have also included supporting Ukrainian students, partners and friends since the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

With the funding obtained from the project, a total of more than 20 Summer Schools will be organised at our university on a variety of topics, where participants will not only acquire theoretical and practical knowledge but will also have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the infrastructure of AMU and the city of Poznań, as well as Polish culture and history.

I did not understand what was waiting for me and two days before I left I was crying and did not want to go. I was wrong back then. Starting from the road, the way Mr. Konstantin met us, and up to the last minute, it was the best summer school ever!

Anastasiia Yelenevska, Sumy Makarenko State Pedagogical University

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Summer-School-Ukraine-and-the-World.-Crises,-migrations,-identieties-in-contemporary-culture..pdfExistingNatalia Kostić
Download PDF Summer-School-Ukraine-and-the-World.-Crises,-migrations,-identieties-in-contemporary-culture..pdf (4.4 MB)
Summer-School-Education-Towards-Communication.pdfExistingNatalia Kostić
Download PDF Summer-School-Education-Towards-Communication.pdf (5.5 MB)
Szkola-Letnia-New-multidisciplinary-methods-in-archaeological-practice.pdfExistingNatalia Kostić
Download PDF Szkola-Letnia-New-multidisciplinary-methods-in-archaeological-practice.pdf (4.7 MB)
Summer-School-Migration-from-Ukraine-in-media-coverage-people,-frames,-narratives-1.pdfExistingNatalia Kostić
Download PDF Summer-School-Migration-from-Ukraine-in-media-coverage-people,-frames,-narratives-1.pdf (10.1 MB)
Summer-School-Environment-and-civilization.-GEOGRPAHY-for-sustainable-development.pdfExistingNatalia Kostić
Download PDF Summer-School-Environment-and-civilization.-GEOGRPAHY-for-sustainable-development.pdf (5.9 MB)
Szkola-Letnia-Inspiration-and-manipulation-of-public-opinion-as-algorithms-for-gaining-and-maintaining-political-power-in-Europe.pdfExistingNatalia Kostić
Download PDF Szkola-Letnia-Inspiration-and-manipulation-of-public-opinion-as-algorithms-for-gaining-and-maintaining-political-power-in-Europe.pdf (5.2 MB)
Szkola-Letnia-Contemporary-problems-of-urban-development.pdfExistingNatalia Kostić
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Summer-School-Presidential-rhetoric-in-Ukraine-leadership,-channels,-audiences.pdfExistingNatalia Kostić
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