Calculating your qualification results

Recruitment schedule

Please check the deadlines that are shown next to your chosen major in the programme catalogue. You will find there all information about the detailed rules of recruitment, including the details of admission procedure.

Candidates who have a foreign university entrance document and are taking up first-cycle studies or long-cycle studies, are subject to the admission procedure in mode I.

Candidates who have foreign diplomas and are taking up second-cycle studies are subject to the qualification procedure in accordance with the recruitment rules applicable to the chosen field of study, according to the programme catalogue.

Here are the rules of calculating your qualification results and computing your scores.

The basis for determining the order of candidates on ranking lists is their qualification result determined on the basis of the results of their Matura exam OR foreign equivalents or scores on certificates/diplomas.

You have a foreign certificate and you want to study a major where Polish language is required in the admission rules? In your case a native language of the country that issued your certificate will be taken into account instead of Polish.

The results from your university entrance document are computed according to the rules given in this TABLE.

If your document issuing country is not listed in the TABLE, the your scores are computed proportionally to the precentages of the Polish „new Matura” and the grading scale used in your document issuing country is taken into account. That means that the highest (best) grade of your document is an equivalent of the 100% of the Polish Matura and the lowest positive grade is an equivalent of the 30% of the Polish Matura. Your results computed that way are multiplied by the weights assigned to particular subjects for the Polish Matura extended level, according to the recruitment rules for your chosen field of study / major.

PLEASE NOTE: Documents with CT/CE, EGE, ZNO/NMT exam results must be valid and up-to-date.

If you do not have a grade in a required subject/level specified in the recruitment rules, you get 0 points from this subject/level.

Some majors also require additional exams. Information about this can be found in the recruitment rules next to the chosen major in the programme catalogue.

The results of the foreign diploma are converted individually into the Polish grading scale used in diplomas and the grading scale used in the foreign diploma is taken into account.


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