One-time Grant

A one-time grant is a form of immediate, non-returnable, cash benefit granted to students. A student may apply for a one-time grant. A student who is in a temporary difficult life situation may receive a one-time grant.  A one-time grant can be awarded only upon a student’s application. When applying for a one-time grant, the student generates a form in USOSweb, after which s/he submits it together with attachments regarding the grounds for applying in the Dean’s Office or in the Student Affairs Department of an Institute or Collegium. The application generating system will be launched at the end of September, and students will be informed about the exact date on the University website and through announcements on notice boards intended for important information.

The one-time grant may be awarded no more than twice in an academic year.

All documents that are attached to the application and statement of income should be presented in Polish and, if necessary, translated by a sworn translator registered by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Poland.

Copies of documents may be filed, provided that the originals are presented (for inspection) when submitting the application.

The amount of one-time grants is established by the university scholarship board after taking into account all factors that temporarily affect the student’s difficult situation. The maximum amount of one-time grant is set annually by the Rector in consultation with the university body of the Student Government Parliament.


Need-based scholarship and one-time grant:

  • may be awarded to students in the first-cycle, second-cycle and long-cycle master’s studies, but not longer than for six years,
  • may not be awarded to a student holding the following professional university degrees:
  1. a) magister (master’s), magister inżynier (master of engineering) or an equivalent degree,
  2. b) licencjantinżynier (engineer) or an equivalent degree if s/he resumes first-cycle studies.

The above provisions apply to persons holding professional university degrees obtained abroad.