Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

Level of studies: first-cycle studies
Type of studies: full-time (weekdays)
Duration: 3 years
Language of instruction: English
Professional title: licentiate (licencjat)
Educational profile: general academic
 Tuition Fee  4 000 PLN 

International Relations combine theory with practice, which will allow you to find yourself in a difficult and rapidly changing labour market. With the expertise, you will gain during the lectures and practical skills obtained during the workshops, exercises and internships will allow you to be mobile and competitive.

Degree course assets

In the classroom, International Relations students attend stimulating classes where they collaborate with peers, participate in engaging group discussions, and learn from experienced faculty. Both students and faculty bring their expertise into the classroom and onto campus, facilitating a learning environment that pushes students to constantly challenge big ideas with experience and practice.

Selected study areas

  • Comparative Politics,
  • Intercultural Communication,
  • Political Campaigns: A Comparative Perspective,
  • Media and International Communication,
  • Stereotypes in International Relations,
  • Contentious Politics,
  • Charismatic Leadership in Different Political Systems,
  • Leadership in International Business.

Work opportunities

After completing this course, our students can plan their future work in diplomatic and consular offices, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other public institutions. The broad spectrum of subjects will prepare you to work in both government institutions and international corporations. We focus on comprehensive development and your ability to work in the changing market.

Contact information

PhD. Rafał Szymanowski


Address: ul. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 5

+48 61 829 6561