German Studies

Level of studies: first-cycle studies
Type of studies: full-time (weekdays)
Duration: 3 years
Language of instruction: German
Professional title: licentiate (licencjat)
Educational profile: general academic
 Tuition Fee  1 000 PLN

German Studies is an innovative and interdisciplinary course for students interested in acquiring unique knowledge of the past and present, as well as the social and political culture of Germany. Moreover, students develop competences in the use of the German language, translation and interpretation of texts in German, and intercultural communication. Cultural institutions and companies operating locally, cross-border, and globally are actively seeking employees with interdisciplinary skills, proficient command of the German language, and strong intercultural competence. The German Studies course thoroughly prepares you for independent professional careers in fields that demand a high level of proficiency in the German language, familiarity with German-speaking culture, and insight into the German public sphere. These areas include cultural institutions, journalism, politics, EU institutions, and fields related to German-Polish relations. The course prepares you to pursue further studies at the second-cycle level.

The interdisciplinary study program is divided into four groups of subjects in the following areas:

  • language knowledge and German in global communication
  • culture and literature
  • history and society
  • intercultural communication

Additional classes are offered to enhance individual communication skills necessary for effective interaction within international teams, as well as instruction is provided in editing and translation, project preparation, information technology, and many more.

The language of instruction is German. Moreover, the curriculum envisages an intensive English course up to B2 level.

Example of courses

  • German in global communication
  • Intercultural communication
  • History of Germany
  • German culture
  • Media in Germany
  • Stereotypes – Germans about others,others about Germans

Career prospects

German Studies graduates are well-prepared for their roles in numerous cultural institutions and companies that require a very good command of the German language. Knowledge of German culture and public sphere will help you to navigate in a multinational and multicultural environment.

The skills and competences acquired will position you for employment primarily in cultural institutions, foundations, and organizations, as well as in various German companies that demand a strong command of the German language and familiarity with public life in Germany.

The same skills and competences are also highly sought after in the private sector, associated in trade, transportation, and logistics, which are predominant in the western provinces.

Furthermore, your undergraduate profile provides a solid groundwork for advancing into second-cycle studies.

You will have a wide array of MA courses to choose from, offered in various countries, universities, and languages. If you decide to continue your education in German and English, you will be able to choose from the offer of the Collegium Polonicum and the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) by opting for one of their numerous MA courses.

More information about this study programme is available in the link below:

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Admission Schedule: Enrollment start date 1th June 2024; Enrollment end date: 11th July 2024; Enrollment fee payment deadline 11th July; Submission of documents obtained abroad end date 11th June; Result annoucement date 19th July;