Bachelor of Arts in Central European and Balkan Studies

Level of studies: first-cycle studies
Type of studies: full-time (weekdays)
Duration: 3 years
Language of instruction: English
Professional title: licentiate (licencjat)
Educational profile: general academic
 Tuition Fee  3 000 PLN 

The specialization Central European and Balkan Studies is dedicated to students who wish to know and understand the European heritage, literary and cultural identity of Europe on other civilizations backgrounds. Thanks to competence and skills obtained during the course the CEBS graduates will gain basic knowledge of the Balkan Peninsula, Central and Eastern Europe literature and linguistics and literary communication with elements of professional skills in the field of cultural tourism and business communication.

The Central European and Balkan Studies specialization is a blend of language and literature studies and of practical skills and know-how necessary for effective communication, such as:

  • literature overview
  • language and cultural knowledge
  • business skills
  • cultural tourism from the human studies perspective

Degree course assets

What makes this course so innovative is that it combines competencies in the area of Central-European studies with Balkan Studies focusing on practical literary and intercultural communication skills essential in creating an effective open or closed circulation of information in business as well in the tourism industry.

Selected study areas

There are 3 basic educational  modules within the framework of the specialization:

  • Polish language education
  • Slavistics
  • Classical philology

In addition to this, one can gain complementary competencies in the area of intercultural communication in tourism and business.

Work opportunities

The Central European and Balkan Studies graduate will be able to pursue a career at European cultural institutions such as museums, community centres, publishing houses, theatres etc. They will also be able to operate in media (radio, TV), social media, information portals as well as in the area of marketing and advertising, tourism, airlines, hotels.

Contact information

Associate Professor Rafał Dymczyk, PhD, email:

Collegium Maius, main hall