Department of Linguistic Methodology

The Department conducts research in such areas as multimodal linguistics, phonetics and phonology, rhetoric, literary linguistics, axiolinguistics, linguistic methodology and the history oflinguistics, as well as interdisciplinary research combining logic, mathematics,and linguistics.

It concentrates especially on:

  • multimodal expression of conceptual metaphors, corpus-basedanalysis  of metaphors, gestures, and emotions,
  • computer modeling of textual and gestural units using machine learning, acoustic phonetics,
  • clinical phonetics and speech prosody, problems of evolutionary linguistics, including computer simulations of multiagent systems,
  • rhetoric of ancient Greece, its genesis in the Age of Athenian Enlightenment (the first sophistry) and its evolution during the second sophistry, problems of values in language – in particular linguistic aspects of responsible deeds and studies into the limits of the axiolinguistic paradigm;
  • the role of grammatical intuition in the establishment of the empirical foundation for linguistics and its subject of study,
  • research procedures in the history of linguistics, the history of Polish linguistics, structuralist foundations of linguistics – in particular problems of distinctiveness as well as the methodological and linguistic foundations of reasoning in ancient Chinese and ancient Indian thought.