Institute of Romance Studies

The Institute of Romance Studies carries out research projects relating to the linguistics and literature of the Romance languages, including applied linguistics. Its research is coordinated with and complementary to similar projects carried out in other European countries.

The Institute recognizes the very important role played in the modern world and in the EU by linguistic communication and its intercultural dimension, hence its interests in matters of cultural linguistics, acquisition of selected foreign-language discourse types, and issues in translation arising from the use of multiple national languages and the need for official documents to be translated into all of them.

For several years the Institute has been involved in international programmes of research into the phraseology, phonetics, syntax and morphology of French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian.

Moreover, within the scope of its research on literature, it studies questions that are of wide interest across Europe, such as Polish-French literary connections, frontier literatures and cultural transgression, as well as didactic and autobiographical writing.

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