Institute of Applied Linguistics

The Institute of Applied Linguistics puts into practice Humboldt’s maxim of combining research with teaching in all the available specializations: teacher training, translation studies, and communication and mediation studies.

Its activity is founded on research in the fields of linguistics, language teaching, translation and cultural studies, with an emphasis on questions of an intercultural nature.

Topics of the Institute’s research projects include

  • the theoretical and practical aspects of language learning and teaching,
  • speech acquisition,
  • first and subsequent foreign language learning,
  • teaching in bilingual classes,
  • specialist language teaching,
  • relations between language and culture from a teaching and learning perspective,
  • intercultural and intersemiotic communication,
  • microteaching in the training of teachers of foreign languages,
  • various types of research into translation and translation techniques,
  • application of the results of contrastive studies of German, Polish and English in translation and in lexicography and grammatical description,
  • the functions and structure of functional texts, and
  • research into international constructed languages (such as Esperanto).

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