Vice-Rector for International Cooperation

prof. UAM dr hab. Rafał Witkowski

amu_prorektor ds, wspolpracy międzynarodowej, prof. Witkowsk
Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, School of Humanities

Objectives and responsibilities:

  • Maintaining effective relationships with foreign Universities, particularly regarding scientific staff exchange coordination
  • Representing the University in the EPICUR consortium
  • Supervising the ERASMUS programme
  • Coordinating the cooperation with NAWA
  • Managing the School of Humanities as well as supervising the School’s activity in respect of the Statutes and regarding the following:

a)    Planning and coordinating scientific research

b) Managing research, research and development as well as    teaching projects

c) Supervising the use of scientific and research equipment

d) Enhancing the international cooperation

e) Promoting

  • Supervising the International Relations Centre