Vice-Rector for Research

prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk

amu_prorektor ds. nauki, prof. Dziubalski
Vice-Rector for Research, School of Languages and Literatures

Objectives and responsibilities:

  • Coordinating scientific research at Adam Mickiewicz University
  • supervising the evaluation of scientific disciplines
  • managing and cultivating external relations with different Universities
  • supervising the Science Support Office
  • governing the Academic Scientific Centers
  • representing the University in the University Science Commission board (KRUP), and during conferences
  • coordinating the European Charter for Researchers' decisions implementation
  • representing the University in the scientific consortium DARIAH-PL
  • managing the School of Languages and Literatures as well as supervising the School’s activity in respect of the Statutes and regarding the following:

    a) Planning and coordinating scientific research
    b) Managing research, research and development as well as   teaching projects
    c) Supervising the use of scientific and educational equipment
    d) Enhancing the international cooperation
    e) Promoting
  • Supervising the AMU Foreign Languages Teaching Centre
  • Supervising the Austrian Culture Centre, Austrian Library and Confucius Institute