Vice-Rector for Research Projects and Doctoral Studies

prof. dr hab. Przemysław Wojtaszek

amu_prorektor ds. projektów, prof. Wojtaszek
Vice-Rector for Research Projects and Doctoral Studies, the School of Natural Sciences, Doctoral Sch

Objectives and responsibilities:

  • Coordinating research, development, and educational projects launched at AMU
  • Supervising doctorate degree students training as well as managing the Doctoral School in respect of the University Statutes and other internal normative acts
  • Manoeuvring doctorate degree studies’ affairs excluding proceedings in the Rector’s scholarship for the best PhD students, reviewing petitions for increasing the regular scholarships for PhD students, or committing financing from quality-oriented subsidy or PhD students scholarships; 4) developping the AMU Strategy; 5) holding the position of Disciplinary Proceedings Representative for PhD students
  • Supervising the Projects Support Centre
  • Managing the Natural Sciences School as well as supervising the School’s activity in respect of the Statutes and regarding the following:

a)   Planning and coordinating scientific research

b) Managing research, research and development as well as    teaching projects

c) Supervising the use of scientific and educational equipment

d) Enhancing the international cooperation

e) Promoting

  • Supervising the Botanical Garden
  • Monitoring scientific stations