Vice-Rector for Human Resources and Development

prof. UAM dr hab.Tadeusz Wallas

amu_prorektor ds. kadr i rozwoju, prof. Wallas
Vice-Rector for Human Resources and Development

Objectives and responsibilities:

  • Scientists’, teachers’ as well as engineering, technical,  publishing and library staff’s affaires
  • Coordinating promotional activities conducted at the University
  • Examining petitions in second instance, considered in first instance by the Vice-Rector for Students’ and Academic Affairs
  • Reviewing motions examined in first instance by the competent Vice-Rector for PhD students’ Affairs
  • Carrying out proceedings in the Rector’s scholarship for the best PhD students, reviewing petitions for increasing the regular scholarships for PhD students as well as committing financing from quality-oriented subsidy or PhD students scholarships in second instance
  • Supervising the activity of the AMU Museum and the Museum of Cryptologists
  • representing the University in the University Finance Commission board (KRUP)
  • Supervising the HR Centre and Marketing Centre
  • Supervising the University Library activity
  • Monitoring University branches
  • Administering the activity of the Academic High School  in Słubice