Vice-Rector for Digitization and Business Cooperation

prof. dr hab. Michał Banaszak

amu_prorektor ds. cyfryzacji, prof. Banaszak
Vice-Rector for Digitization and Business Cooperation, School of Sciences

Objectives and responsibilities:

  • Implementing IT technologies and supervising the Infrastructure Management and IT Projects Centre
  • School of Sciences management as well as the School’s activity surveillance in respect of the Statutes and regarding the following:

a)    Planning and coordinating scientific research

b)   Managing research, research and development as well as teaching projects

c)    Scientific and educational equipment

d)   International cooperation

e)    promotion

  • Monitoring the Distance Learning Support Centre
  • Completing tasks regarding the Personal Information Protection Regulations together with the surveillance over the activity of the Personal Data Protection and Information Security Supervisor’s  Office
  • Inventions and patentability together with supervision over the University Innovation and Technologies Transfer Centre
  • Economic partnership
  • Collaboration with the City and Region Authorities
  • Academic entrepreneurship
  • Supervision over the Centre for Advanced Technologies and NanoBioMedical Centre
  • Coordination of collaboration between the AMU Foundation and the Poznanian Scientific and Technological Park
  • The University scientific and research equipment