Master of Arts in Literary Studies: Central Europe in the International Perspective

Level of studies: second-cycle studies
Type of studies: full-time (weekdays)
Duration: 2 years
Language of instruction: English
Professional title: master (magister)
Educational profile: general academic
 Tuition Fee 3 000 PLN 

The program focuses on literary and contextual thinking about the specificity of Central Europe in contemporary comparative studies - its literature, historical conditions, everyday cultural practices and discursive ways of describing them.

These studies will give you a thorough understanding of the literature and culture of Central Europe and the Balkans.

You will gain communication skills, related to seeking and processing professional information, elementary research skills, involving independent knowledge acquisition and self-development, and the ability to interpret literary and cultural facts and phenomena.

You will learn to communicate fluently in English, both in speech and writing.

Career oppotunities: cultural institutions (museums, community centers, publishing houses, theaters, etc.); media (radio and tv, social networks, news portals, etc.) and those sectors of the economy where intercultural communication knowledge is prevalent allowing the future employee to establish effective international relations.

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