Master of Science in Chemistry

Level of studies: second-cycle studies
Type of studies: full-time (weekdays)
Duration: 2 years
Language of instruction: English
Professional title: master (magister)
Educational profile: general academic
 Tuition Fee 3 000 PLN 

The MSc in Chemistry is an internationally oriented, two-year MA studies programme conducted in English. International students can apply for various scholarships and other financial incentives. They will also be able to take part in an intense Polish language course. At the same time, Polish students will participate in an English language course. The curriculum includes laboratory classes and lectures in English taught by Polish and foreign University teachers. After the first year of studies  alumni will have an opportunity to join a summer school giving them a chance to broaden their knowledge during workshops and lectures on selected chemistry issues.

Degree course assets

Highly qualified lecturers from the leading scientific centers in Spain, Japan, Italy, and Great Britain. Internationally oriented recruitment system. Varied study program. Mandatory Polish and English language courses.

Selected study areas

  • Preparation and application of colloids,
  • Microcapsulation,
  • X-ray structure analysis,
  • Pharmaceutical analysis,
  • Anti-doping aspect in Chemistry,
  • Chemical technology,
  • Organic chemistry,
  • Materials characterization techniques,
  • Analytical chemistry,
  • Inorganic chemistry.

Work opportunities

Our alumni demonstrate that the diploma enhances career opportunities and they are offered jobs in:

  • chemical laboratories
  • research institutes
  • research and development facilities
  • chemistry industrial facilities
  • primary and secondary schools

Contact Information

Anna Minikowska, MSc, email:

+48 61 82 91 604