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EPICamp IV: Hydrosphere: Challenges of preserving and using WATER (Eco-)Systems in the Anthropocene

Zespół badawczy EPICUR zaprasza do udziału w czwartej edycji EPICamp. Wydarzenie odbędzie się w dniach 23-24 marca 2022 r. w formie online.

Aby wziąć aktywny udział w wydarzeniu, do 15 lutego należy wypełnić formularz rejestracyjny.

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Expanding the concepts of traditional scientific conferences and workshops, EPICamps are open gatherings engendering new partnerships and serving as seedbeds for research ideas beyond the scopes of single disciplines or fields. They feature various formats, ranging from short presentations and panel discussions to academic matchmaking events and interactive ad-hoc discussion rounds, from virtual posters and project exhibits to search/offer blackboards. EPICamps offer emerging scholars the opportunities to present their research, interests, and ideas as well as discover and meet with peers who complement and expand their work. To foster manifold exchanges, the EPICamps – in addition to thematic sessions – also give room to researchers and non-university partners to connect over questions of methodology, tools, ethical queries and data management, didactics, science communication and other aspects of academic pursuits.

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