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2022 KNU Online Summer Program

If you are interested in South Korea and its culture, we would love to invite you to join 2022 KNU Online Summer Program, along with many other students from around the world.

The program:
  • Provides foreign students from sister universities with an enriching cultural and educational experience for two weeks in the summer session. Invited students can interact with enrolled students of KNU.
  • A enrolled student from a sister university of KNU who has received recommendation from their home university
  • A student who can communicate in English with no difficulty and has a great interest in learning Korean language and culture
Program Contents
  • Basic Korean language classes
  • Special Lecture (Topic: Selected Topics from Academic Program)
  • Various Cultural Experience
  • Field Trip: Seoul tour, Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House), Chuncheon & Samcheok campus, DMZ, leading companies in Korea

If you're eager to participate then don't hesitate and check the attached documents down below!


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