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Student Exchange Programs at Caucasus University

Caucasus University, Tbilisi, Georgia, has started to accept Nominations and Applications of Incoming students for the Spring 2022 Semester mobilities.

List of Documents that should be prepared and send by the student:

1. Filled online application Form

2. Official Transcript of Grades

3. English Language International Certificate: IELTS (6.0) or TOEFL (78), or any other internationally recognized language certificate

4. Copy of valid passport

5. CV prepared in EUROPASS format only

Deadline for Nominations and Applications for the Spring 2022 semester is October 20th,2021.

Before the mobility, students will receive International Students Guide, Academic Calendar, Evaluation Scheme and lots of practical information. As for the study programs, we are accepting students on:

1. Business Administration (Undergraduate, Graduate)

2. Law (Undergraduate, Graduate)

3. Information Technology (Undergraduate, Graduate)

4. Diplomacy and International Relations/ Public Administration (Undergraduate, Master)

5. Tourism (Undergraduate)

6. Psychology (Undergraduate)

7. PR and Communication (Undergraduate)

8. Economics (Undergraduate, PhD)

9. Management (PhD)

Course offer for each semester is sent directly to students once it is officially published. Together, we prepare the learning agreement, which is signed by sending University, student and CU as well.  According to the classes students choose,we register them in desired groups and they receive their schedule before the start of the semester. Students are free to choose courses from any program listed above, they are not restricted to follow only one program, in case this is not required by the home University. The maximum number of ECTS credits students can take during  one semester is 35 or 75 ECTS credits in case a student is coming for a full academic year. Classes are held from Monday to Saturday, the duration of each class is 2 hours.

Before the start of the academic semester, we also organize orientation meeting and student attendance is mandatory. During this meeting, they visit the campus, we go through the administrative process and they also meet deans of the faculties. We introduce them to all our colleagues, who will be their contact persons throughout the learning process.


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