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Chonnam National University, Korea, Spring 2024 Exchange

We are delighted to inform about possibility of studying at Chonnam National University for Spring Semester 2024 Exchange Program.

For the first time ever AMU students will have a chance to study at Chonnam National University located in Gwangju and Yeosu in the southern part of Korea. This is our new partner university. On the occasion of start of cooperation between universities CNU will grant a special scholarship to  3 (three) AMU students. The maxium number of students to be nominated for studying at CNU is 5 (five).

Please contact AMU Coordinator till October 25, 2023
Nomination deadline: October 27, 2023
Application deadline: November 20, 2023

As part of the applications, students will be required to attach the following supporting documents.

  1. Copy of recent transcripts (including all the previous years)
  2. Copy of passport photo identification page (Passport must be valid for 1 year after the final day of the semester in Korea.)
  3. A photo with white background
  4. Certificate of University Enrollment (Issued within 30 days from the date of application will be accepted)
  5. Bank Balance Certificate under the student’s name that contains at least US $5,000 per semester.
    - Issued within 30 days from the date of application will be accepted
    - The total amount should be frozen until the CNU’s beginning date of the semester (until 1st, March)
    - From #1 ~ #3, all students MUST prepare. (Mandatory documents). For #4 and #5, students coming from NON-OECD countries should prepare additionally. We will guide the details with the application process.

[Course list]

Course list for spring 2024 semester will be available in late January, 2024. Once the list is finalized and released from our office of academic affairs, we will send it to the students directly. Undergraduate students can select up to six (6) courses (1 course, 3 credits, total 18 credits) and graduate students three (3) courses (1 course, 3 credits, total of 9 credits). In the meantime, they can view the English courses offered by CNU last year as a guide HERE.

[Fact sheet] - is also attached below


You can contact on e-mail:





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