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Fall Exchange Program at Kyoto Sangyo University

Kyoto Sangyo University is looking forward to welcoming students from the fall/autumn semester 2022 which will begin in September. Although the border to Japan remains closed at this time to new arrivals, including students, they are optimistic that the situation will be better by August/September.

From April they will be returning to primarily face-to-face classes and expect to continue with them into the fall semester, subject to any new variants and/or policies that will hopefully not arise.

Apply to the AMU exchange coordinator till March 25, 2022 following the procedures.

Deadline for nomination:  March 30, 2022

Deadline for application: April 30th, 2022

Arrival: September 12 (Monday) (To be confirmed)

Orientation: September 13 - 15 (To be confirmed)

Classes commence: September 19

Classes end: January 16, 2023

Examination Period: January 17 - February 1

Last date to vacate dormitory: February 28, 2023

Exchange Student Application Admission Information