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International Student Exchange Program at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies invites for International Student Exchange Program for Spring 2022.

The program is a semester or a one-year short-term exchange program designed for international students, as well as Japanese students. The program provides students with the opportunity to study in Japan and helps them to acquire a firm understanding of Japan and the international community. Meanwhile, the program aims to promote meaningful cultural exchange and to contribute to the cultivation of outstanding professionals with international backgrounds.

Apply to the AMU exchange coordinator till October 29, 2021 following the procedures.
The application deadline (in TUFS): November 15, 2021.

See Factsheet for Spring 2022

Please visit the web link below for more detailed information:

You can check the FAQ here:

Please note that student(s) are required to get vaccinated against measles before coming to Japan.


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