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Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia Spring 2023

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta invites Students for Spring Semester 2023!

Apply to the AMU exchange coordinator following the procedures.

Nomination deadline: November 21, 2022
UMY application deadline: November 30, 2022.

UMY was established in March 1981 as part of Muhammadiyah Higher Institutions. It focuses on the knowledge areas of the social sciences and humanities, economics, politics, communication and information technologies, engineering as well as health and life sciences.

UMY has over 21.000 enrolled students in our 3 Vocational colleges, 23 Undergraduate studies, 7 Masters and 3 PhD programmes. UMY welcomes more than 300 international mobility students per year. Recently, UMY ranked as the best private university in Yogyakarta and 3rd (third) best in Indonesia by Uni Rank. UMY also accredited as 3 Stars campus by QS Stars ranking.

Yogyakarta (simply called as Jogja) is located on the heartland of island of Java, Yogyakarta is the only province in Indonesia that is still governed by a monarch. Yogyakarta is the second largest tourism area in Indonesia and one of the most culturally vibrant cities not only in Indonesia but also in Asia. There is countless tourism spot within Yogyakarta including historical sites, museums, mountains, ancient temples, beaches, river for rafting, etc. Yogyakarta will offer an extraordinary experience for the student.