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Exchange program at Busan University of Foreign Studies, Korea

Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) invites for International Student Exchange Program for Fall 2021.

Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS): Currently there are 58 departments spread out in 5 colleges, and the total number of student population including both degree and non-degree seeking students combined is around 9,000, and the presence of the international students stands at around 1,200 as of 2020. With a recent launch of the Global Campus Initiative, we are aiming for increasing the number of international students up to 2,000 students over the coming years. Not only quantitative increase in number of students, but making sure that students receive quality education conducive to fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, intercultural communication skills, and not to mention linguistic competency because linguistic skills serves as a tool for receiving knowledge and disseminating information.

Apply to the AMU exchange coordinator following the procedures: May 5, 2021;
Deadline for nominations: May 11, 2021;
Deadline for applications: May 20, 2021.

Application procedures and documents including application form, etc., will be emailed to the nominees or to the sending university.

Documents list required for application:
1. BUFS Application Form
2. A copy of Passport
3. A copy of Verification of Enrollment
4. Nomination Letter
5. TOPIK Score (Only if it applies)
6. Tuberculosis Test Result (In the absence of TB result, you can choose to take the TB test arranged by the host university.

In accordance with the agreement between two universities, the host university will offer a tuition fee waiver, but students will be responsible for dormitory fee, meals, 14-day self-quarantine expenses, and other living expenses.

Detailed fact sheet.


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