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Exchange Program at National Taipei University, Taiwan

National Taipei University, Taiwan invites for International Student Exchange Program for Summer 2022.

An institution rich in history, National Taipei University (NTPU) began as the Taiwan Provincial College of Public Administration in 1949 to educate and train the country’s business and legal elite. In 2000, National Taipei University was reorganized and restructured from the Law and Business College of National Chung-Hsin University. In 2010, NTPU has finally completed the entire relocation project, moving colleges from the downtown campus in Taipei City, to the present San-Shia main campus in New Taipei City. Over the past few decades, NTPU has traditionally played a significant and pivotal role in educating and developing the mid- and high-level talents in the areas of law, business, public administration, humanities as well as social and engineering sciences.

Spring Semester (from Feb.2022-June 2022)

Apply to the AMU exchange coordinator following the procedures: till October 8, 2021

  • Nomination Period: September 1 to October 15
  • Application deadline: October 1-October 31 (for student upload the required documents)

*For deferred students, they DON’T need to do the online application again, we will need the deferred students to complete another form for personal information confirmed. They will get the link after your nomination.

**Since the border for exchange students is still closed by the Taiwanese Government, all students DON"T need to submit the Certificate of Health on the application process. After the visa ban lifted, we will ask the students to submit it.


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