Faculty of Political Science and Journalism

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The Faculty has over 4,200 students grouped into five majors: Political Science, International Relations, Journalism and Social Communication, National Security, Public Governance and State Management.

Many classes are run by members of various editorial offices, media agencies, representatives and employees of public institutions, civil servants and government officials.

The Faculty offers students easy access to a fully equipped TV broadcasting studio with post-production lab on Apple iMAC computers, a Radio recording and broadcasting station and lots of multimedia tools.

The studios are also used for the recording of two programs produced by students: “Kurier Akademicki” that is broadcast by the Polish Public Television (TVP) and the news program of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism – “Flesz”.

There is a Drone Center within the Faculty.

Students can participate in workshops where they learn how to operate the equipment under the guidance of experienced professionals.

They also get a chance to earn valuable certifications: VLOS - Visual Line of Sight, or flying a drone within line of sight, and BVLOS - Beyond Visual Line of Sight, or flying a drone beyond line of sight.