Faculty of History

Faculty of History is one of the faculties traditionally found within the walls of the European universities based on the Humboldtian model.

It combines several fields of study, ranging from Prehistory, Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology all the way to Musicology, Art History and Eastern Studies.

Each of these unites offers an in-depth look into the history of human civilizations through practical aspects of everyday lives including societies and cultures long extinct, however not forgotten.

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In order to understand the complex nature of the Faculty’s profile you need to visualize a timeline dating back thousands of years to archeological sites of Upper Egypt and Sudan.

It is where AMU specialists conduct some of their missions and connect their findings with modern techniques to preserve cultural and historical artifacts.

Research personalities

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Students also learn to recreate the past by researching the sounds of Baroque and Renaissance musical scripts used along with replicas of original instruments.

If you add these activities to the ethnological conclusions that students learn to draw from relics of the past preserved in traces of today’s cultural and social rituals, behaviors and phenomena, your picture of the AMU Faculty of History will be almost complete.

Naturally, you also need to take into consideration the fact that the study of history and related fields touches upon very current items and issues we deal with every day: food and drink, clothing, family, health, security, money.

The Faculty offers the generation of today the explanations of yesterday to shape better solutions for tomorrow and has been doing so since the University’s foundation in 1919.

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