Faculty of Theology

The Law on Higher Education in Poland allows relevant Church authorities to run and supervise faculties of theology at state colleges and universities nationwide with regard to the teaching of Roman Catholic theology.

The Faculty of Theology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan is thus supervised by the current Archbishop of Poznań who acts in his capacity as the Grand Chancellor of the Faculty and on behalf of the Apostolic See in the Vatican, confirms the right to teach in the name of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is reflected both in the teaching and research profile of the Faculty, yet with some elements attractive to all open-minded people who seek advancement in Ethics, Social Dialogue, Social Mediation, Cannon Law, Biblical Studies and Christian Education.

Special focus of the Faculty’s academic offer rests with the formation of future members of the clergy (priests, nuns), clerical administration, teachers, preachers, philosophers and thinkers, both clerical and non-clerical.

The Faculty’s mission is to promote Christian values and Christian way of life to serve not only the Church but also all people of good will.

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